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All my interesting electronics projects

This is a list of all the projects on my homepage. If you are looking for my Instructables projects, click on the link in the sidebar.

Chainsaw mounted to a bike

During my visits at my parent's house, I like to work in my old workshop and do ironworking. This is what I created.

STM32F429 Discovery board LCD example

In this article I present a code example for the STM32F429 Discovery board that utilises the included TFT-LCD display.

Get the STM32F429 Discovery board running on Mac OSX

A tutorial to show you how to get the STM32F429I Discovery board running on Mac OSX.

A PHP image handler for my homepage

A PHP script for handling images and thumbnails which made article writing a lot easier.

The Content Managing System of my homepage

Here I show you my content managing system which I coded by myself in PHP only. The cms is the core of my homepage, building pages and making adding content very easy.

A .csv to .png converter and visualiser for oscilloscope data

A web application I wrote to assist me in my reverse-engineering project.

Turning an old "brick" cellphone into a data sending device

A modded cellphone, external circuitry and an Arduino UNO let you send data over the cellular network.

A mod to make a Nintendo DS play on its own

I modded an old Nintendo DS to make it playable with an Arduino UNO.

The all-in-one Brushless DC Motor driver

A brushless-DC (BLDC) motor driver out of logic gates.

Create high voltages with a Flyback-Transformer driver

Drive flyback transformers to produce high voltages.

Interface the ESP8266 over the Teensy3.1

In this article I show you how to connect the ESP8266 with a Mac using a Teensy.

Create 8-bit-like tunes with the Atari Punk Console

A simple circuit to produce 8-bit tunes.

The All Terrain Vehicle, a >30kg iron colossus

The story and build process of my All Terrain Vehicle, a wheeled robot with a car battery and firecracker cannons.

Cellphone charging station circuit

My second paid project, the circuit for a cellphone charging station.

4-Bit-Adder made only with logic gates

A 4-bit adder I built in 10th grade.

Circuit board etching

This tutorial shows you how to etch your own circuit boards - in both German and English.