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Create 8-bit-like tunes with the Atari Punk Console

Jan 2015

You must know I am a fan of Colin Cunningham. You can find his videos on YouTube in which he explains concepts of electronics and also presents small projects that you can replicate at home. It was from one of these videos that I got the schematics and the inspiration to make an "Atari Punk Console" of my own. What is a Atari Punk Console? Well, it's a sound generator based on a Lm556 chip, which produces quite interesting, 8bit-like sounds. To play the Atari Punk Console, you turn the two potentiometers in all kinds of directions to get wacky tunes.
I found it practical and nice to encase the circuit in a mint tin, which gives it some charm I think.

Here is a sound sample from mine:

Link to schematic and Colin's video

Pictures of my Atari Punk Console:

Click to enlarge