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4-Bit-Adder made only with logic gates

Jun 2014

In 10th grade computer-science class in school we learned all about logic gates and how to use them. To improve my grade, I built a 4-bit adder using only AND, NOR and XOR gate ICs on a total of three perf boards. With it you can add two four-bit values together to get a 5-bit value. It uses button inputs which set flip-flops. You can clear them with the top 'Clear' button. Upon pressing the '=' button, multiplexers allow the values from the flip-flops to reach the inputs of the full-adders, which output the sum of the two values. This output is stored in flip-flops, which can also be cleared using the bottom 'Clear' button.
I worked many weeks on this project and then presented it in class, earning myself an excellent grade.

Pictures of the 4-bit adder:

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