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Chainsaw mounted to a bike

Oct 2016

As a student living in the city, I don't have a workshop and can't do any welding and such. So when I visit my parent's house I spend most of my free time in my old workshop. There I can live out my passion for iron working. As of now I've welded a coffee table and a sliding door, both of which are still in use.

My newest project involves a wore-out bike and an old chainsaw. The bike I got from a shop in the neighbor village for 20€, the chainsaw I got for free from a friend.
On my visits back home, I would take my time and create custom gears and mounting brackets to attach the chainsaw to the bike.

The result was satisfying but not rideable. The problem was that the translation of torque was not good enough, meaning that the required torque was too big for the chainsaw. When you accelerate too much, the clutch slips and gets very hot.

Nonetheless, I'm proud to say I welded a chainsaw to a bike. In the coming months I might correct the flaws to make a rideable machine. I will post it here of course.

Here's a video of the test run